A few months ago I went to a friend’s surprise birthday party and did their wife a favour by taking their birthday cake for them. It was a peanut butter and chocolate cake decorated a la Captain America. This prompted a discussion between the hubby and me about what cake he’d like for his birthday. I say discussion, I asked ‘what cake would you like?’ and he said ‘beard’. He’s a simple man is mine. Ever a fan of taking things literally, I made him a beard cake for his birthday which was earlier this week.

Beard birthday cakeBeard birthday cake

My dear friends returned my cake delivering favour by allowing me to use their kitchen so Mr P wouldn’t know what I was up to. I love surprises! The face was made of a simple lemon sponge with half a cupcake for the nose. I cheated and used Betty Crocker vanilla butter icing for the skin and chocolate fudge icing for the beard, piped on for texture. Some chocolate buttons for the eyes and nostrils and gummy lips make for a simple looking bloke. I would like to point out that this cake in no way represents my darling but was meant to emphasise the beard.

Of course, men are a forgetful sort and so there was an awkward pause after the cake was brought out at the restaurant before he remembered why I’d made him such a strange cake. Still, it seemed to go down OK, although it is far from the level of the cakes my mother made when I was a child.

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